East Coast natives, Bam Margera and Johnny Schillereff, befriended each other in their early youth and have rolled together ever since. Ironically, the path that most discouraged them from, is the path that propelled their success together. In addition to their passions for skateboarding, art, music and film - Ambition and going against the grain became their common bond, which shaped their enduring journey.
Over the years the two became skateboardings ‘odd couple.’ Bam; professional skateboarder, prankster and jackass - and Johnny; free-spirited entrepreneur, artist and do-gooder. As a diehard artist and founder of Element - Johnny was able to design and help curate Bam’s brilliance both on and off his skateboard. From unforgettable tours, iconic graphics, imagery and videos - together, their incredible juxtaposition and raw talent made them an unstoppable force and changed the game.
Despite mountain highs and valley lows, these mismatched friends have stood by one another’s side and have only grown closer. Always agreeing on one thing - “Do what you love, with who you love - and have fun doing it.”
Bam is more than a name, it stands for a defining movement in youth culture. In a time before influencers, youtube and instagram - Bam Margera’s skateboarding, creativity, hilarious circle of friends and family blazed new trails and redefined skateboarding and entertainment. And most importantly, blanketed the earth with belly laughs - when we needed it most.
Today, we aim to celebrate our rich history, and the disruptors who go against the grain - past, present and future. So as we embark on this new adventure, keep in mind that we are far from perfect. We’re simply  following our hearts and paying tribute to those who go against the grain - and have fun with our friends and families along the way.

"Skateboarding is everything to me... You know the term Skate or Die? I'd rather skate, because if I don't skate, I'll die." - Bam 

Dedicated to Nikki and Phoenix